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Top 10 Projectile Weapons in Videogames

Number 10: Turok (2008): Oro Warhorse Chaingun

Probably the closest thing to the polar opposite of either a sniper rifle or a rocket launcher, Miniguns and Crankguns are everywhere in today’s shooters. Most of these weapons are heavy and capable of carrying at least 100 rounds of ammunition in a single clip, if not a few hundred more. I decided to choose the game Turok (2008) to represent this weapon because it also doubles up as a sentry turret. With this weapon, it doesn’t matter if you miss.


Number 9: Team Fortress 2: The Flamethrower

I’ve been racking my brain trying to come up for the name of the game with the best Flamethrower. However, I’m not even sure there’s one impressive enough to top every other game with a flamethrower. While the flamethrower is a weapon that shoots liquid fire (and yet again, the Lava Gun from Ratchet and Clank is a debatable contender, but not strictly a flamethrower), it’s usage is questionable against perhaps more-efficient shotguns. Being bathed in liquid fire is a horrible way to go, but a simple damage over time effect is not enough to spark an interest in most players with the opportunity to use one where better close-quarter alternatives exist. This is why the flamethrower is a worthy mention in this list, but not one appropriate for the top 5. Team Fortress 2 does put this weapon in a good light however.


Number 8: Borderlands 2: Deliverance Shotgun

Borderlands 2 is a game about guns, and the game has so many guns that it can be difficult to discern which is the best one. However, no other weapon in the game will be thrown as if it were the final exam of a great magician and continue to kill bandits with any remaining ammunition left in the gun. Sure, many other guns have cool gimmicks, but none of them work while you use another weapon. Throw and forget.


Number 7: Half Life 2: The Gravity Gun

The Gravity Gun is a unique weapon capable of utilizing any dynamic object, enemy projectiles, and small enemy drones, in order to use them against any living threat in the area. Bombs can be thrown at helicopters, balls of energy can be fired at combine soldiers, and miscellaneous objects like milk cartons or fridges can be thrown at antlions. Sawblades can be used against zombies in ravenholm to slice them in half.


Number 6: Tek Bow: Turok 2: Seeds of Evil

Here’s a favourite from another Turok title. Although the bow has been around long before the videogame medium was formed, and even though there have been derivatives prior to Turok 2, the Turok series is worth yet another mention because of the bow’s epic time-delayed explosive arrows. In today’s games it’s difficult to find a good First Person Shooter where an explosive bow seriously debilitates an enemy. In Turok 2, the indication that you had blown off a humanoid dinosaurs right arm was obvious. The sound effect the arrows make is seriously great to listen to in anticipation of the impending effect when you strike an enemy with one. The Tek Bow also comes with a sniper scope to boot.


Number 5: Judge Dredd: Dredd vs Death: Lawgiver MK3

Who doesn’t want one of these? It’s a weapon that shoots out different types of projectiles, all from the same magazine. Although there have been many adaptations of the lawgiver in films and printed media, few exist in the video-game world. The game itself probably wouldn’t be considered canonical in the eyes of Hardcore Dredd fans, but the weapon is still worthy of captivating my interest. The gun fires Standard bullets in bursts, Armour Piercing bullets and Ricochet bullets semi-automatically, Incendiary, High Explosive, and Heat Seeker bullets with a short delay in fire rate. Do Heat Seeker bullets not work on the undead? Not a problem! Light them up with an Incendiary projectile first, and then finish them off with the heat-seeker rounds.


Number 4: Fallout 3: Rock-It Launcher

This weapon is an improvement over the aforementioned Gravity Gun. The Rock-It launcher is constructed by throwing together a vacuum cleaner, a leaf blower, a firehose nozzle, and a conducter. The Rock-It Launcher can fire any miscellaneous object in the post apocalypse world of Fallout that you can think of. Various pieces of tableware, Nuka-Cola toy trucks, lawnmower blades, tennis balls, and even teddy bears are just some of the things you can use. The amount of ammunition that can be used is only limited by the amount that you can carry in your inventory.


Number 3: Red Faction Guerrilla: Nano Rifle

Volition makes awesome games, I ought to know; Summoner 2 was one of my childhood favorites. The Red Faction games are sold on it’s destructive environment gimmick, a great concept to employ when trying to be creative with level design. The Nano rifle earns its place though, for being able to reduce enemies, vehicles, and delicate pieces of structures, to less than dust, with pinpoint accuracy for the careful demolitions foreman. Like a house of cards, buildings come down so beautifully, it’s worth letting the authorities catch up to you while you view the spectacle.


Number 2: Turok Rage Wars: The Chestburster

Although this weapon is more overshadowed by the iconic Cerebral Bore weapon, this is still an insane gun in it’s own right. There are so many good contenders in the Turok games, that it’s difficult to make a choice between them. In my opinion though, I’ve made the right decision. This weapon is quite likely inspired by the Alien films. While the primary function of the weapon is rather redundant, the secondary function injects a chest burster into any unlucky victim hit by the weapon, causing it to emerge milliseconds later, faster than you can say “oops” in Spy Kids 3. If any sniper rifles aren’t on the list, now you know why.


Number 1: Ratchet and Clank: Morph-O-Ray (a.k.a. Chicken Gun)

What videogame series would be more deserving of the number one spot for great weapon design than Ratchet and Clank? I could easily include several wacky weapons from the Ratchet and Clank series in this article, and both the Suck Cannon and R.Y.N.O. are close contenders, but here’s why the Morph-O-Ray takes first place: It turns enemies into chickens, and the upgraded version turns them into giant chickens. Giant, harmless, chickens.

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