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I Make Websites too! Kinda like this one!

I’m hoping to expand my portfolio, so if you like what you see, feel free to get in touch! For December I’m charging £200 for a website. My email is haydncshaw@gmail.com.



I created this website using WordPress. Although the Content Management System is new to me, I learn quickly and continue to adapt the large amounts of themes and plugins to my needs. I use my experience with WordPress to create websites for other people, as WordPress is a very sophisticated delivery platform for content and provides great visual appeal. Here are a list of websites I have created for various non-profit groups and corporate organizations:


1st Canton Scouts

1st Canton Scouts

Created for a small Scouts group based in Canton, Cardiff, 1st Canton Scouts is a website dedicated to online news posts and forum board discussions from its’ community members. Created for a friend, the website’s content is now handled by a dedicated member in the group.



Having a website framework is great, but the content is just as important as the format and structure of a website. Most of my work in content-writing can be seen on this website, where I write a deep analysis and de-construction of videogames regularly. I use the same skills I use for analysis and my understanding of the english language to help other people I know whenever they need it. Below you can find some examples of my online contribution:


MCC Solution

MCC Solution Website

The MCC Solution Website

I wrote a page of content for MCC regarding IT Management, as the original content from their previous website was too short to be dedicated an entire page. Using their marketing material and some reference texts, I was able to brainstorm and write something more appropriate from scratch.