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Far Cry 3 Review Holding Page

An update for the people who actually checked back to this. The review is half-way done. I’m finalizing it soon so it should be done by in a week or so (taking a break from writing for now). I’m working on two multiplayer maps for Far Cry 3 in the game’s map editor, and I will upload them in a few weeks for public download. I also may work on a “hints and tips” section for people struggling with the game. I’m not sure I’m following through with that yet, and I know people won’t really appreciate the article unless they specifically search for it. I’ve also got advice on winning multiplayer games (I usually rank the top three in my team), but again, I don’t really know if that’s relevant or needed.


EXTRA UPDATE: I’ve been doing some other stuff for the last few days, but will be continuing my content this week. There will probably be a weeks delay in content after I get the Far Cry 3 and revised Bioshock Infinite reviews out, but then I’ll come back with some reviews for retro games.

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