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Far Cry 3 Map – Construction Site PREVIEW

So I started messing about with the Far Cry 3 Map Editor last week, and decided to make a couple of maps for the game’s multiplayer element. The first map is called “Construction Site”, and the next one currently doesn’t have a name, as the design process isn’t even on paper yet. Construction Site is currently being beta tested to find errors with the map. So far, I’ve gone through 10 matches with the map without any major errors present in the current version. There are a couple of problems I have to fix with it, so for now, here’s some screenshots of the map.


Loading screen for the map with the preview snapshot.


Map overview as the map is rendering textures.


There’s a three-story building on the left, and an administration building on the right.


The office attached to the Administration building.


The central room in the admin building.


The Gasoline tank next to the Warehouse.


The Warehouse Interior.


The Pipeline that goes under the road.


Overlooking the map from the third story build site.



The Firestorm match comes to an end as the Pirates’ objectives are blown up.


The end-cutscene on top of the building site.


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