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Well My Head Definately Hurts Less Now.

So last week I said I would I would do the Bioshock Infinite and Far Cry 3 reviews, (which are still by the way in progress), but I suffered from burnout trying to get all these articles done (which was part of my motivation for purchasing Far Cry 3 almost three weeks ago, because I suffered from the same thing then), and then I did this giveaway page on April 1st: http://haydnshaw.com/borderlands-2-gear-giveaway/ which is probably something I put the least amount of effort into on this site.


Content Views

Google Analytics Data for April 1st – April 5th, the Bioshock review barely has 34 page views while the Giveaway page has 508.


So the Analytics data for the past few days was my main motivation to focus my attention on the Giveaway page instead of doing the reviews. And from my personal perspective, I’m not really surprised with the analytics data, because I never really promoted those articles (and remember, this is just a period of five days), or set the website up so that users would get confused and stumble onto an article they would spontaneously find interest in.


In the future I do plan to develop my social networking profiles further so that I can promote this content and get an increased amount of interest and unique users, and gauge interesting content from audiences which reflect the desires of a larger group than the individuals I talk to for content suggestions. That said, I would still like to do articles for individual requests, but the culmination of efforts in research that goes into making my articles impartial, well informed, and relative to contemporary media means that I need a larger audience to reflect that.


When it comes to analyzing the video game medium it’s very easy for me to write a lot, because there’s so much stimulus in video games and the medium requires a wide variety of skills making it comparable with films as what is essentially, an interactive story. The articles themselves take me between 3-6 hours when I actually write them, and it’s a consistent effort so research notes are made well before I start writing 800-2000 words. Research takes me a couple of days, and playing an actual video game if it’s something I haven’t done before takes me between 2 days and 2 weeks. The latter which was for Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn which is a review I might go back and revise again because I had to finish it on time constraints.


So for now, I’m still going to commit to the things I agreed to review in the past, but I acknowledge it will take me a long time before I get everything done, and I think after I get the Bioshock Infinite and Far Cry 3 reviews out, I will focus on social-media so I get the gratification that I’m not spending time on things in vain. I’m also writing for another website (I won’t make mention of it yet because I have no content on there), but it’s a similar concept to the content written on here, it just focuses on independent games for the most part and the articles are around 600 words on average. I plan to write five articles there in the coming weeks and network links between the two websites, but for now, it’s not an easy thing to do because I find it difficult to work on multiple reviews at once.


So I created a post last month: http://haydnshaw.com/content-april-2013/ which details some of the games I plan to review, on top of this, I asked my Media Teacher from the school I used to go to about what content I should write in this area. He suggested that I write about “Retro” games, so some of the stuff i’m going to write about includes “It Came from the Desert”, “Boulder Dash” and “Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker”. I might do “Gauntlet” and “Smash TV” in the future as well but I’m not going to make promises to that at the moment. Some other stuff I’ve arranged in the background as well, is that I managed to get a load of 3DS let’s players to take screenshots for some of the 3DS titles I intend to cover, and I got a friend to agree to lend me their Xbox 360 so that I could do the reviews on Resident Evil 5 and Mirror’s Edge.

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