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Top 10 Projectile Weapons in Videogames

Number 10: Turok (2008): Oro Warhorse Chaingun Probably the closest thing to the polar opposite of either a sniper rifle or a rocket launcher, Miniguns and Crankguns are everywhere in today’s shooters. Most of these weapons are heavy and capable of carrying at least 100 rounds of ammunition in a single clip, if not a few hundred more. I decided
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Next Month’s Content

So here’s a quick update on some of the content I’m reviewing over the next month, including the long-awaited Bioshock Infinite Review:   25th March: 26-30 (EST) March:   Some point after Bioshock Infinite but before the latter in early april:   Early April (I have to borrow an Xbox 360 to freshen my memory on these again)    
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