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Borderlands 2 Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep DLC Review

Website Disclaimer: In this article I intend to address parts of the DLC which make reference to Borderlands 2’s story. If you have not yet completed the main story, I advise you not to read about, or purchase the DLC until you have done so, unless of course, story spoilers don’t faze you.   Borderlands 2 is a game developed
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Top 10 Projectile Weapons in Videogames

Number 10: Turok (2008): Oro Warhorse Chaingun Probably the closest thing to the polar opposite of either a sniper rifle or a rocket launcher, Miniguns and Crankguns are everywhere in today’s shooters. Most of these weapons are heavy and capable of carrying at least 100 rounds of ammunition in a single clip, if not a few hundred more. I decided
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