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Carmageddon For Android *FREE 10/05/2013*

You may remember Carmageddon as the game with Zombie Pedestrians and the Mr Whip(py) Ice Cream Van. The game was released for the MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows and Macintosh in 1997, then later the Playstation in 1999, and then I finally received it as a questionable gift from the least interrogative parents in the world when it was released on the N64 in 2000.

It was later released for Game Boy Color a year later, and then was ported to iOS last year. Tomorrow, it gets released for Android, and the full game is free for 24 hours. Awesome.



Anyway, my articles usually have something to do with in-depth game reviews, but I’m going to cut it short, since I would have to dig out various N64 cables to play the game and haven’t done so in a long while.

The reason I mentioned this game was “questionable” earlier, is because it features violent content with a ridiculous amount of blood and gore. I actually find it amusing, but if that wasn’t enough, publisher Square Enix Europe thought it would be a good idea to present this game to the BBFC even though they didn’t need to, and the game was eventually certified after almost a full year of appeal due to the violent content.

In some countries, the game was banned, but the content itself isn’t really inappropriate, since it was more like cartoon violence and didn’t really shock anyone compared to the realism of films. The game was inspired by Death Race which I also think is amusing because it features Sylvester Stallone who plays a cheesy villan called “Machine Gun”.

Be sure to follow the news on http://www.carmageddon.com/ and don’t forget to download the game tomorrow if you have an Android device.

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