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About Haydn Shaw

Hi, I’m Haydn, and I am solely responsible for running and maintaining this website, which is an outlet for my writing. I left school last year with some useful skills and qualifications, such as Media Studies and English.

I have a huge collection of video-games, which I enjoy playing and have never sold a single one, but on the other hand, I never bought anything I thought I wouldn’t like or couldn’t afford. I try to productively output my time spent on this hobby-borderline obsession by doing things such as creating user-generated content whenever I have the opportunity to.

I have some video-editing skills primarily from the video-game medium. I also like films, but prefer to watch films of creative or artistic merit, for example, “The Butterfly Effect”, or “Equilibrium”.

I enjoy seeing technological innovations and media differing from the mainstream. I have niche interests and don’t care for superfluous advertising or would-be opportunists. I think more than most and this inspires me to talk about topics in great detail. I value ethics and efficiency more than anything else, and I would like to apply myself whenever and wherever I can for the benefit of others. I realize though, that I am only one person.

I have a preference for committing to experiences that I can learn from and those that make me happy.